Picnic mats, change mats, blankets, tarps. Often items folded awkwardly and packed into some forgotten cavity of our cars or storage cupboards until we suddenly realise we need them when we are out and about. Maybe you even have one of each, lurking in the depths of your boot, taking up space which should be reserved for shopping hauls, prams, tools or spare tyres?

We have a solution. (A really, really good one.)

A beautifully soft, water-resistant, easy clean mat. One that rolls or folds with ease, and pairs durability with style.

Our ethically hand-crafted, premium quality vegan leather MULTI-USE MATS are so much more than picnic blankets or change mats - but they do an excellent job in both of these applications. 

Pop the MAXI mat down for seating at a concert or at the beach. Sandy towels are no fun - lay your MAXI mat under your beach towels to keep them clean and sand-free.
Sand, grass or debris from the outdoors is easily removed, simply grab a stiff brush for stubborn dirt which may have adhered to the underside of your mat. 

Our contemporary, modern design makes an ideal easy-wipe table cloth thrown over that trestle table that gets pulled out for last-minute summer BBQs or children’s parties - a quick wipe down post-party will have your mat good as new in minutes.

Placed as a drop-cloth under a high chair or laid out for your littlies as a playmat, our MAXI mat is not only functional but is a beautiful addition to any rooms aesthetic. Make a fort, set up some messy play, or use it for the perfect backdrop for those gram-worthy pics!

The MAXI mat is super generous in size. A massive 1.4 metres squared, there are endless opportunities for how you could use yours.
If you’re a plant parent, you’re probably often filling your table with your little green babies for watering, trimming or repotting. Keep your surface covered with a MAXI mat, and when you’re done simply wipe up any spills and shake loose dirt away - couldn’t be easier (and will make for excellent plant photos!)

Infants love their tummy time, but this can sometimes be stressful for parents - particularly when out and about. Create a safe space for your little one to explore, knowing that surfaces are covered and any dribbles and spills can be easily wiped up.

If you’re a fur-baby parent, you’re likely pretty familiar with the need to protect surfaces. Placed under a pet bed, feeding station or in the back of the car, having a MAXI mat on hand will be a welcome saviour for your furnishings and give your pets the royal treatment.

Pets, plants or playdates; whatever you need to keep off the carpet, we’ve got you - and your floors - covered.

Adding a MINI mat to your essentials is a decision you won’t regret - from the perfect grazing platter to a makeup station, an arts and crafts board to a protective mat for under your hair styling tools - the uses are endless.

(Did we mention it makes a great food platter? Who doesn’t love a perfect snack-solution?!)

Keeping mess, mealtime or art contained is an excellent use for our high-quality MINI mats - and playdough or kids craft cleanup is a breeze.
If your kids love kinetic sand, but the thought of it getting everywhere makes you shudder, the MINI mat is perfect, just scrape it back into the container with a ruler and roll the mat up - done!
Creatives will know that sometimes the urge to ‘make’ comes suddenly, but laying out newspaper or trays to keep your resources together can be a real hassle. With a MINI mat in your arsenal, you can let those creative juices flow at short notice and it’ll only take you a moment to wipe up and go post-project.
Slime time, baking station or water-colour paint dropcloth; the water-resistant design keeps carpets and surfaces well-protected.

These mats aren’t just mats. They are so much more. Our understated design with debossed logo and neutral colour palette is easy on the eye and makes a great addition to any room. You’ll almost want them out on display permanently! 

Effortless cleanup, stunning minimalist design and easy roll or fold storage - MULTI-USE MATS are without a doubt your next must-have accessory. Follow us on Instagram to see some examples of our MULTI-USE MATS in action - and if you’ve found another use for yours, be sure to tag us so we can share your hot tips!

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