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I was one of those people who thought life wouldn't change when I had a baby; I'd still be my same old self, as I always had been, doing my thing - just with a little sidekick. Expectation vs reality right?! When I became a new mum for the first time, that really is what I became - Mum - and only Mum and I started to lose myself as my new role took over.

After emerging from the fog of the first few months, I decided it was time to leave the land of mum buns and stretchy pants. I realised how important it was to maintain a sense of self and part of that is personal style, it's what makes me feel like 'me', so when it came to the bag I was taking everywhere, I wanted it to reflect that.

As someone who has always loved fashion and accessories, I started searching for a baby bag that looked like a handbag, but when I couldn't find anything with quite the right combination of style and functionality, especially in New Zealand, I decided to design my own and FELIX + STONE was born.


Our gorgeous Millie was born with a congenital heart condition, but we are so lucky that she is a very healthy little girl. She is the inspiration behind our special name and our brand; FELIX meaning ‘lucky’ + STONE symbolising strength and the heart in our branding is for her heart. Millie is the reason we are aware of and choose to donate to Heart Kids NZ.

Nat x

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